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It is very important to check and record your child’s vision prior to your Virtual Visit.  The vision must be checked in each eye, right and left. If your child wears glasses, please make sure they are used during the test.


Download Visual Acuity Charts from the Apple App Store, or Snellen Chart from the Google Play Store

  • This app is currently free until May 13, 2020.

  • Once downloaded, click on the settings icon in the upper right and:

    • Change notation from decimal to FRACTION

    • Change unit of length from meter to FOOT

  • Back at the home screen of the application, you can select your eye chart type:​

    • Use Snellen for children who know their letters​

    • Use HOTV for younger and non-verbal children


Setting Up the Testing Area

  • You will need a space that is at least 12 to15 feet long.

  • Place a chair facing the device, where the back of the chair measures 10 feet from the device.

  • Ways to measure 10 feet:

    • Tape measure

    • “Measure” app on iOS or Android

    • Lay 11 pages of printer paper (8.5”x11”) end to end



Checking Your Child’s Vision - GENERAL GUIDELINES:

  • It is best to do the test in the days before your Virtual Visit and not on the day of the visit.

  • If your child wears glasses, make sure they are on.

  • Practice first and do not offer any hints!

  • Test your child’s RIGHT eye first by patching or covering their left eye - make sure there is no peeking or cheating!

  • Once you have checked the vision in their right eye, switch the patch or covering to their right eye and check the LEFT eye.

  • Note that tapping the MINUS sign makes the letters smaller, and tapping the PLUS sign makes the letters larger.

Checking Your Child's Vision - Snellen Chart

  • With your child seated 10 feet away from the eye chart on the screen, ask them to read the lowest line of letters they can with each eye.

  • They must be able to read at least half of the letters to count.  Record this number as 20/____. Also record how reliable you think the results are.


Checking Your Child's Vision - HOTV Matching Chart

  • For the HOTV Matching Chart, it is best to practice “the game” at a closer distance before starting the test.

  • For a video demonstrating the HOTV Matching Chart, please click here.

  • Draw out the 4 letters on a sheet of paper.  The child will hold this paper in his/her lap.

  • When ready, stand 10 feet from your child (use measuring methods above).

  • As you point to the letter on your device, ask your child to match the letter to their matching guide.

  • If they identify the letter correctly, move on to the next smaller letter by tapping the MINUS sign.

  • Your child must identify 3 out of 4 letters correctly to count.  Record this number as 20/_____. Also record how reliable you think the results are.


Record your results in a manner similar to below:

VA test results.JPG
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