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Contact Lenses


We are very pleased that you and your child are interested in contact lenses! We assure you the best quality care and most accurate fitting of lenses for your child’s eyes.

Today’s lenses are more comfortable and easier to care for than ever. We generally recommend that a patient is 12 years of age or older when s/he is first fit with contact lenses (certain exceptions may apply).

Contact lenses are medical devices that need to be appropriately fit to each individual’s eye size and shape. These medical devices need to be used responsibly under the supervision of a licensed eye care professional.



Each patient considering contact lenses for the first time needs a contact lens fitting and training appointment and subsequent contact lens follow up/ re-evaluation appointment.


Because young patient’s eyes are still changing it is essential that timely follow-up appointments are kept. It is possible a contact lens fit can change with ocular changes over time. A poorly fitting contact lens can cause serious problems including corneal abrasions and possibly sight-threatening infections. For this same reason, contact lenses are evaluated annually after initial fitting and finalization as part of annual routine eye examination. Contact lens prescriptions expire annually by law, and to preserve good eye health for the patient.

I want lenses for my child, what appointments will I need?


  • This appointment is to be scheduled on a different day, NOT the same day as your child's routine exam. At this appointment, the doctor will determine the best type of lens that is best suited for your child’s visual needs as well as what lens will work best for your child’s intended use of lenses (e.g., daily use vs. occasional use vs. use for sports, etc.). The exact lenses your child needs will be placed on your child’s eyes and the doctor will evaluate the lens fit and vision.


  • The technician will educate and train your child how to properly insert and remove lenses from his/her eye. The technician will give your child guided practice in handling the lenses.  The patient will also be taught how to care for lenses. THE PATIENT/CHILD CANNOT LEAVE OFFICE WITH LENSES UNLESS S/HE IS ABLE TO PROFICIENTLY INSERT AND REMOVE LENSES WITHOUT HELP; NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • Expect this appointment to last 45-60 minutes.



  • This appointment occurs 2-3 weeks after the contact lens fit and train. The purpose of this appointment is for the doctor to re-evaluate the fit of the lenses to determine if they are still a perfect fit or if modifications need to be made. The patient/child must come to this appointment wearing the lenses.


  • Should the lenses fit well and the patient demonstrates proper care of the lenses, you may purchase a supply from our office if you wish, or a contact lens prescription will be issued at this visit should you want to purchase elsewhere.​

What will it cost?


  • The fee for a fit and train is $300 for a 45-minute training session and $50 for each additional 30 minute session, if needed. Additional training sessions are NOT booked on the same day as the initial fit and train. Payment is due when services are rendered and please note this is a self-pay, non-refundable fee.  We do not accept insurance assignment for contact lens services.  However, we will provide you with an itemized receipt for potential reimbursement by your vision plan.

  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking with the remaining balance due at the time of service. Additional training fee is due at the time of service.

  • This fee covers any needed contact lens check appointments as well, but not additional training. 



  • We offer competitive pricing on most lenses with applicable rebates.


  • Lenses are paid for once the contact lens prescription is finalized and lenses are ordered. There are no refunds on contact lenses once ordered and picked up.


  • Re-Ordering a contact lens supply can be made by calling the office with credit card payment information over phone.  Lenses will be shipped directly to your home and usually arrive within seven business days, unless specialty order or made-to-order lenses are required.

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