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Convergence is the act by which our two eyes work together to move inward in a sophisticated, coordinated manner when reading, working on a computer, tablet, smart phone, and while doing any extended near visual task.


Convergence insufficiency is a form of intermittent exotropia at near in which a patient is unable to maintain convergence (eyes do not move in closely together enough) when looking at near objects.

Some common near point (reading) symptoms/complaints of convergence insufficiency are:

  • Headache               

  • Eyestrain

  • Double vision

  • Words appear to move or dance on page

  • Avoidance of near work

  • Loss of place

  • Blurry vision


These symptoms may be more frequent and intense at the end of day or if the patient is more tired or sick. The best treatment for convergence insufficiency is orthoptic convergence exercises.

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