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There are conditions in which a child will lose vision permanently without a surgical procedure.  There are also situations in which surgery must be considered as a final resort since other therapies have failed.  In either scenario, our surgeons at UCEC are extremely conservative about recommending surgery unless it is necessary for the wellbeing of the child.  Drs. Engel, Rousta, and Sun, are highly skilled, experienced, and compassionate pediatric ophthalmic surgeons, who value the child and his/her family as a whole.  Surgical procedures are discussed in detail, with the goal of having the parents and the surgeons on the same page prior to scheduling a procedure.

All surgical procedures are performed under general anesthesia given by a board-certified pediatric anesthesiologist. Surgeries are performed as same day procedures at Robert Wood Johnson’s Center for Advanced Pediatric Surgery, Saint Peter’s CARES Surgery Center, and Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia.  The list of pediatric surgical procedures includes:

If you have specific questions about surgery for your child, please contact our surgical coordinator at 732/613.1810.

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