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Nidhi Rana, M.S., O.D.

Dr. Rana received her optometry training and her Masters in Clinical Optometry degree from Pacific University College of Optometry, Oregon. She completed her residency training in Pediatrics and Binocular Vision at the Illinois College of Optometry.

Dr. Rana specializes in the treatment of amblyopia, the detection and treatment of high refractive areas in very young children, the fitting of contact lenses, and orthoptics.

Dr. Rana's superb clinical ability in pediatric optometry has been well recognized. Dr. Rana has received numerous awards during her training, including the Professor G. Kannian Prize for physical optics, the V. Iyer prize in contact lenses, the induction into the National Residence Honorary Society, and the Best Program award as a pediatric resident. She has lectured at conferences worldwide, including in Singapore, Australia, India, and the Philippines.

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