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Diagnosing and Treating Pollen-Related Allergies

Spring and summer are beautiful seasons to be outside, but they are equally well-known for triggering allergic reactions in people of all ages.

"You might suspect that your child has allergies if they're always having itchy eyes, perhaps sneezing," says Dr. Sepideh Rousta of University Children's Eye Center. "As lovely as it is to be outside, there are some measures you may want to take to limit seasonal allergies affecting the eyes, which are very, very common."

Treating your child with oral Claritin or Zyrtec, and/or allergy eye drops, can be a good first step before letting them play outside. Likewise, rinsing their eyes with a clean washcloth is an effective follow-up to outside activity.

The name of the game is trying to get as much pollen off as possible, which can help limit the effects of pollen-related allergies throughout the height of the danger season.

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