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Crossed Eyes in Children: What You Need to Know

Children's eyes should be straight and well-aligned from the age of four months onward. What happens when that isn't the case, and what steps--if any--should a concerned parent take?

"If you suspect that your child's eyes are sometimes crossing or deviating outward, or even going vertically off in the wrong direction, any time after four-to-five months of age in a full-term child, that might be cause for some concern and evaluation," says Dr. Sepideh Rousta of University Children's Eye Center.

It is very important that children develop their binocular alignment from a young age to ensure that the eyes can move in parallel, as this enables them to cultivate normal depth perception and equal vision in each eye. If parents suspect that something might be interfering with that process, a medical examination by a pediatric ophthalmologist could be in order.

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